Robin Kappy, LCSW

I want to make a difference in your life. There is benefit in paying attention to what is felt and understood within the therapeutic relationship. Our work together will be a valuable source of self discovery, resiliency and change.

My warm, intelligent, interactive and attentive listening style allows for a safe, nurturing place to say the things you need to say and and gain the connections, confidence and results you need and desire.

Over 20 years of experience as a therapist and creative person have taught me how to help you gain fresh perspective as you define and nurture the things that matter most to you.
I am committed to your well being. I provide a personal haven for you to be your authentic self, empowered to have more confidence and success in your relationships, creative and professional lives. Together we will help to bring your personal goals to fruition. 

My work and essays on the topic of beauty in nature and human nature grew out of my passions for psychotherapy, creativity and art. I will assist you in gaining more self-understanding and integrating constructive solutions as you experience life's ups and downs...and find more beauty in life.

"How lucky I am to have you

as my therapist, an artist

who pays so much attention

to every shade, shadow and highlight, bringing out the beauty that already exists within." -S.F.

Are you tolerating depression, anxiety, painful emotions or low self-esteem on your own?

Could my help be the essential ingredient you need to move past limiting patterns,

situations and relationships to experience more peace,fulfillment and beauty in your life?

Are you eager to take this step now to reach out for assistance?

Nurturing your self understanding, creative life and growth.